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Improve the Effectiveness of your Corporate Python Training

Leverage Excel skills to build Python automations.

Increase Python retention by embracing your business analysts' Excel mastery in your trainings.


Write code 4x faster with Mito

Mito generates the equivalent Python code for every edit the user makes. Business analysts code 400% faster using Mito compared to writing Python code by hand.

The biggest blocker for analysts building their own automation after a training is not having enough time to do so. Mito solves that problem. Empower your analysts to write =VLOOKUP in Mito instead of struggling through 5 lines of complex pandas code.


Reduce time to useful automation

Mito let's your analysts start building useful automations in the first 10 minutes. It's the fastest way to demonstrate Python's value.

If analysts leave your training without having built a useful Python automation, you're teaching them that they don't have enough time to learn Python.


Train with your own data

Training is most engaging when you're practicing on real business data. Because Mito hides the complexity of learning Python syntax, you don't have to oversimplify your data.

Instead of learning total = x + y skip straight to building pivot tables on your monthly returns data.


Decrease errors by 8x

No more syntax errors or forgetting a colon. Mito generates code for you, so your analysts can focus on the business logic.

Help your analysts leapfrog the “Why is this not working? Ugh!!” phase.


Improve data discoverability

Figuring out which database holds the monthly report's data is often a multi-week scavenger hunt. Then getting permission to query that database might be another few weeks of waiting.

Pre-load common SQL queries into Mito so your business analysts can start working with their data immediately.

To get the most out of your large data, the subject matter expert needs to be the one analyzing it. Not a supporting data scientist who isn't using the data to make business decisions.


Skip pandas syntax

Since Mito generates the equivalent Python code for every edit, you don't need to teach confusing pandas syntax.

Test yourself. Which of these is correct?

  1. df['Age'] = pd.tonumeric(df['Age'])
  2. df['Age'] = df['Age'].astype(int)
  3. df['Age'] = df['Age'].as_type(int)

❝We've trained thousands of analysts to build Python automations with Mito. Every time we make Mito a bigger part of our training, our end user reviews go up. Now Mito is the first thing we teach in our Python trainings.

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