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Integrate Mito into your Enterprise Python Infrastructure

Let analysts use your Python functions inside of a spreadsheet

Your team's Python code shouldn't sit unused in a GitHub repo. Make Python functions accessible in the Mito spreadsheet.

Analysts that don't know how to use Python functions, use spreadsheet functions instead.

Configurable Database Queries
Custom Spreadsheet Functions
Custom Spreadsheet Functions
Code Snippets

Augment your existing Enterprise Infrastructure

Mito in Streamlit

Embed Mito in Enterprise Applications

Turn existing dashboards into self-serve data analytics apps. Add Mito to your Streamlit dashboard, Django app, or other custom enterprise applications.

Let users filter, pivot, and graph data directly in your app.

Snowflake Query Taskpane

Connect Mito to your data infrastructure

Pull data from your enterprise database solutions directly into Mito so that analysts can self-serve the most up to date data.

Forcing users to write SQL queries to access their data is one of the biggest blockers to data app adoption.


Bring your own LLM, be in control of your data

Connecting Mito to your own LLM means that you have complete control over your data, while also giving users a powerful UI for AI report generation.

Learn more about Mito AI.

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