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The Best Python Library for Biology and Life Sciences

"Mito combines the familiarity of Excel with the power of Python. I'm able to quickly clean up, explore, and transform large data sets in a way that wouldn't be possible with Excel. Mito generates code that is flexible, scalable, and repeatable. Now, three years later, I can't imagine tackling my day-to-day work without Mito as one of my tools."

β€” Matthew Blome, Functional Lead @ Cytiva

Matthew Blome, Functional Lead @ Cytiva

Excel is slow, repetitive, and error prone

Excel wasn't designed for scientific analyses. It's nearly impossible to verify Excel models don't contain manual mistakes like typos and accidental data manipulation.

According to an article published by Nature, β€œDespite geneticists being warned about spreadsheet problems, 30% of published papers contain mangled gene names in supplementary data.”

Bio Python Code

Python, Pandas, and SQL are the modern scientist's stack

Using Python lets you take advantage of powerful libraries designed specifically for life science research. Learn cutting-edge machine learning, bioinformatics, and data science techniques to accelerate your research and advance your career.

Writing code for your analyis means you can verify its accuracy once and be confident in all of your future results.

Pharma Dashboard

Create self-serve dashboards for your lab

Your entire lab doesn't need to adopt Python for it to transform the way you work.

Become the Python early adopter on your team, and use Mito to create self-serve dashboards for common analyses that everyone in your lab can utilize. The rest of your team won't need to learn Python to benefit from its power.

Mito simplifies Python for Life Sciences

Mito + BioPython
Mito for Healthcare
Mito for Healthcare
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