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Finance professionals save themselves hours per week with Python.

The world's largest financial institutions are already using Mito to automate their spreadsheets.

Mito simplifies Python for Finance

Large Data

A software solution for adopting Python and Pandas

Writing Python code using Mito is 10x easier than trying to learn Python from scratch.

Python trainings are too abstract and don't deliver business value.

Mito lets analysts leverage their years of Excel mastery to write Python code. Take the same approach to report generation that you've done in Excel for the past 10 years and generate a fully reusable script so you never have to build the same month-end report again.

Custom Import

Save hours a week with no-code spreadsheet automation

Automating spreadsheet processes saves analysts hours a week from mundane, repetitive report generation.

Speeding up report generation not only lets analysts work on higher priority work, it also means that reports can be updated frequently so you're always working with the most up to date data.

See how the Director of Finance at Enigma saved himself 16 hours per month using Mito.

Mito Generated Code

Add a spreadsheet to your existing Python infrastructure

Mito lives inside Jupyter and Streamlit, the infrastructure that your organization already has set up. Adopting Mito doesn't require months of collaboration with IT or compliance.

Compliance teams love Mito because the code is fully visible.

IT teams love Mito because it generates Python code that they already have infrastructure to manage.

Managers love Mito because it reduces key person risk.

Spreadsheet Automation Use Cases



Performing end of quarter data reconciliation processes in Excel pushes back quarter close by up to 15 days.

Mito uses Python to connect directly to your data sources and perform the recon, so you can refresh your recon in seconds not hours.

Not having to wait hours to check the status of the recon means you can close the loop with your reconciliation partners faster. Close your books and get a head start on the next quarter.



Ad-hoc Excel reports built for management are never one and done. You'll continusouly update the report with the most recent data, taking hours or days per month.

Updating your report in Mito is as easy as clicking “Run All”. It will pull the most up to date data, refresh your analysis, and create the updated Excel file.

Refreshing a report that quickly means you never need to deliver out of date data. Mito-generated Python scripts can be used to build a report 10 minutes before a meeting with the most up to date data, instead of staying up late building a report the night before.


Large Data Analysis

When you get a dump of 5 million rows of data, use Mito to analyze the data yourself instead of waiting for a supporting data scientist to aggregate the data for you.

Even in the highest functioning orgs, waiting for a supporting data scientst adds a full day of overhead to your analysis.

To get the most out of your large data, the subject matter expert needs to be the one analyzing it. Not a supporting data scientist who isn't using the data to make business decisions.


Future-proofing Excel Files

Teams have gotten away with treating Excel files as databases for the last 10 years. Now these files are on the brink of failure because they hold too much data.

Mito lets your team prep the data using the same Excel process they've used for the past 10 years, and push the data directly into a database.

No more end-of-life care for your Excel files. Let your team focus on decision making.

Mito makes it easy to train your team to use Python

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