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The No-Code Approach to Spreadsheet Automation

Automate your spreadsheets in hours, not months.

Mito generated code
Mito generated code!
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Mito generated code
Mito generated code!

All of the functionality you expect, built to generate Python code

We've implemented all of Excel's most powerful features in Python so you don't have to. Keep using the tools you're most comfortable with, and automatically generate reusable Python code.

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Pivot Tables

Aggregate your large data to pull out the essential insights.

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Graphs & Visualizations

Build beautiful, interactive graphs and apply conditional formatting to tables.

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Excel-like formulas

Use formulas like, IF, SUM, and MID to transform your data.

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Filter and sort

Sort and filter data based on simple or complex conditions so you can focus on the data that matters.

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Database Connections

Use Mito's Snowflake query builder to generate SQL without writing any code.

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Make your org's custom functions, graph templates, and database connections accessible through Mito.

Pivot Tables in Mito

The Benefits of Automating Excel and Google Spreadsheets

Large Data

Larger datasets, faster edits

Excel and Google Sheets aren't designed for modern data. Insert 1 million rows of data into Excel and you'll wait 10 minutes every time you update your analysis.

Modern data teams use Python to analyze millions of rows of data in just a couple of seconds. No more waiting on your Excel files.

Custom Import

Use the full power of Python

Excel used to be the data collection, analysis, and report presentation tool. Today, modern data teams use Excel primarily as the output of analyses.

Automating reports in Python lets you use AI and ML to extract insights, connect directly to all of your data sources, and utilize template analyses built by your organization.

Mito Generated Code

Reduce bugs and key person risk

Because Excel reports lack structure, it's easy to introduce bugs into your report. And it's nearly impossible to transfer responsibility for a large Excel file to someone else on your team.

By transitioning to Python, you reduce the chance of off-by-one errors and make it much easier for processes to last as long as you need them.

Mito is the easiset way to automate with Python and Pandas

Edit a spreadsheet. Generate Python.

Mito automatically converts each edit you make into Python code. So you can create your analysis like you usually do in Excel, and use the Mito generated Python code to automate your analysis going forward.

Ready to write Python code 4x faster?